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Please look at our blog to see some of the signs we have made most recently and to get some design ideas for your own sign.

Small Oval Sign with Script Number

When we sent this customer a mock up of his house number sign, he asked if we could change the number to one of our script numbers, which looks good on this sign. We can paint your house number in most fonts including our own script font shown on this sign. Ask us for the font you prefer in the instructions section of your order. This is usually something we can do.

House Sign The Moorings 'Profession
See more photos of finished signs in our 'Gallery' pages and many pictures in our 'Picture Choices' pages. Or send us your own photograph... Or any professional photograph from Shutterstock, the choice is yours!...

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Handmade in the UK

We are part of a UK community of individuals and small businesses that make handcrafted products. If you choose to buy from a small business like ours, you are supporting craftspeople who love what they do and what they sell and you will be buying something that has been made with care and attention to detail. We support each other, for news please click our facebook and twitter links above...