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The ‘Hand Painted’ Sign Making Process & About Us


- 1 -
The process starts with solid clay which is made into slip. This is carefully hand poured into moulds, left to dry to the optimum for breaking out of the mould before being drilled and fettled by hand.


- 2 -
Then the signs are fired in the kiln before the first stages of preparation and base colouring.

- 3 -
The sign is then ready for the design and measurement stage where we ensure that the painting and the lettering are well balanced and in proportion.


- 4 -
Then the longest task of being carefully hand painted, both the lettering and the picture choice if one is required. Much time is spent with care and attention to detail.


- 5 -
The last stage is the sealing process before being hardened off to guarantee the sign is fully weatherproof.


- 6 -
Then carefully packed together with free fixings.


With a love of painting and after researching ceramics I started the business in 1999. It was pre internet age (or rather it was to me at the time!) and I started by selling the signs at Home Shows direct to the public, then by selling them in independent shops across the country where they are still sold today. As the business grew, I was so happy to be joined by my sisters Ann and Sue and my mother Alma and as the internet age came fully upon us we developed to sell online with our own website. So happy again when Lucy joined me as partner in the business to focus on the day to day running and development of it going forward, as the rest of us absorb ourselves in paint, clay, pictures and all other house sign related pleasures that we love!

Mustn’t forget Charlie! 15 years old now... much loved and workroom presence throughout...


I started working in partnership with Diane and her family in the business in 2011. It’s a great business to be part of and I love the signs we make and the care that everyone here takes to make them. Also, it’s lovely to get such positive comments from customers who are pleased with their signs when they receive them – it’s so nice to know we’re making something that people really appreciate and enjoy.


One of my hobbies being calligraphy, I have always had an eye for the precision of letters on a page and now transfer that focus to letters on a sign! The overseeing of and drawing the signs up with accuracy, I make sure that the lettering or picture is not oversized and in balance with each other and the proportions of the sign.


My nickname is the ‘British Library Archivist’!! as I have built up the picture files over the years… they now run to hundreds so I keep them organised for the orders coming through to make sure the painters have the correct tracings and colour pictures to work with when the sign is being painted.


They call me the ‘Christmas Angel’! as I drop into Ceramic Art in December when the workload increases massively and I work with everyone to help co-ordinate the orders.

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